Why would I pay $40 to give away my shirt?

This is a social experiment to see if we can create more loving energy into the world. This is not about money. This is about experience, positive emotion, and connection.

This just seems like a great marketing tactic to get us to buy her apparel. Where is the money going?

For every shirt bought Davia can give away one more. It is a self sustaining project. Davia makes no profit, she is more concerned with energy than money. As she sees capitalism is destroying our planet and we may not have much more time to exist here if we don't make some drastic changes. This game is her "walking her talk" on how to add some love energy to ripple out throughout the planet and to show us another paradigm to exist in rather than just living for money.

Sounds like a grand plan, does she really think this will work?


I really like my shirt, Do I have to give it away?

Yes, as long as they asked, "Can I have your shirt?" Do not enter the game unless you are willing to play. The game is about experiencing the gift of giving. What that feels like. You can only experience it by doing it. Give it away or don't play. If you feel attached to it this is a good reminder for you about impermanence. How nothing lasts foreverAnd we must enjoy what we have while we got it! 

They didn't ask, "Can I have your shirt?" Do I have to give it away? 

No. They must use this phrase. Ask them for the magic password if they don't use the phrase. This is how the universe works. First through thought, then through voice vibration as we ask for what we want. You must say, "Can I have your shirt?" for it to be released to you. Do not give the shirt under any other circumstances to ensure each player understands the rules and keeps the game moving.

I just received my shirt and someone asked me for it, do I have to give it to them?

No, if it hasn't been 24 hours yet. Respond kindly by saying, "I need to put my energy into it still". You get to keep the shirt for a minimum of one day (24 hours) before giving it away. This will ensure that people don't get it from you the same moment you recieve it and for you to have enough time to feel the energy already put into it and to add your own. The intention of this game will be a wave of love energy experienced through the wearing of the shirt, and the gift of giving. You can tell them they can "buy in" as well if they really want to play right now!

Do I have to post to instagram if I get the shirt?

Yes, in either a post or in stories using the hashtag #commonalitygame and @daviaking. This is how awareness of the game will spread. If not it may end with you (you may think yes this is what I want so I can keep it forever) and again you are reminded of impermanence and that nothing lasts forever. Participate in the game or don't become a player. The game will work based on YOUR participation. Otherwise it will fall apart and Davia will lose all her money she has already put into this to get it launched. Don't let her and the rest of humanity down by being a selfish jerk face.

I bought a different shirt design of Davia's from another year. Do I have to give that away?

No. The commonality game only refers to this one design, not anything else Davia has made before or will make in the future of a different design.

I gave my shirt away now I'm walking around without a shirt what should I do?

Be smarter. If you are playing the game dress appropriate knowing at any time someone can ask you for your shirt. Be prepared with another shirt underneath. If it is freezing outside and this was keeping you warm and you don't have another way to keep yourself from dying in the cold. Ask the person who asked you to trade shirts so you don't die. If they refuse then you don't have to give it to them. They lack empathy and are not ready to enter the game.

The shirt stinks, What should I do?

Wash it. Duh. Take care of it like any other piece of clothing you own.

When will the game end?

When humanity treats each other better by realizing we are one. Until then Davia will keep adding new products into the game for people to give away to remind us that I am you and you are me.