The portal experience entails three parts:

  1. Order and receive one of the paintings in the portal series.
  2. Activate the portal with Davia through a deep dive conversation.
  3. Use the portal in your daily life as a meditative practice. 

Ready to step through and arrive at the future you? The one who has fulfilled what you came here to do?

The *magic portals act as a talisman and visual reminder to keep you connected to your hearts desires. Our hearts desires are God's desires that want to be actualized through us in this life. The portals remind you of your specific purpose to inspire you to step into that NOW. No one else can do what you have come to do. No one else can shine the unique way you shine and touch others the way that you can. Each of us is needed now on the planet to step into our mission with commitment and focus to usher in the new earth. 

Each soul who steps through the portal will also receive a Davia deep dive conversation to gain further clarity and conviction. Davia's intention with her artwork is to connect with humanity. This is the first project she will be working with people one on one by combining her spiritual psychology background with her art to be of service to others as we go through this ascension.

I'm ready!

I'm not ready...tell me more.

Each soul who steps through the portal can choose 1, 2, or 4 conversations to be used as you feel needed throughout the year.  (Davia will gift you one of the portal paintings with the initial conversation).
Each conversation is a powerful one on one deep dive into you and your life. The intention is to support you to gain more access to your own intuition, imagination, and inner guidance.

You and your gifts are needed now on the planet...Nobody else can do what you have come to do! 
Have you explored your dreams and desires in a safe space?
Do you need clarity, confidence, or focus? 
Are you afraid, blocked, or feeling not good enough?
Are you lacking emotional support or belief in yourself?
Unsure on what to do next? 

You are investing in YOU and your heart's desires. Davia is offering her intuitive wisdom, imagination, and presence to magnetize and support you at arriving at this future version of yourself.

Each portal in this series is painted with ink, acrylic, and aerosol on a 9 in. by 12 in. wood panel
*infused with:
      -Clear crystal quarts and green fluorite to aid in healing transmutation and connect to intuition
      -Flute sound vibration of Davia's love 
      -Sun and moon light codes for power and subtle inner wisdom guidance
      -Physical touch through Davia's fingers (she finger painted parts of each one to add her special touch)
Davia received her M.A. in spiritual psychology. She initially thought she would become a life coach. Instead she life coached herself honoring her heart's desires and used her knowledge and skill set to become a professional artist. For the last ten years she has been using her art to connect to humanity through murals and live drawing performances. With the portals she is now working more intimately sharing her wisdom with you by inviting you to step through and work with her one on one.

Okay I'm ready now!

I still have some questions…

What does the deep dive conversation entail?

You and Davia will look at your current life and discover what some of the beliefs you hold that have blocked you from moving forward and manifesting what you desire. Then she will guide you through a visualization meditation to gain clarity about what your future self is experiencing. There will be some exploration of next action steps to take as homework. For the initial deep dive Davia recommends setting aside two hours. The deep dives there after can be broken up into two one-hour conversations or another two-hour conversation depending on what you need. Each deep dive after the initial one will be unique depending on what is coming up for you. This is where Davia’s intuitive wisdom and presence come to light to be of service to you in your life.

Can I order one of the portal paintings for someone else?

Yes you can; however, since they are not the one investing monetarily in the experience Davia will ask them as part of their homework to do an altruistic act of service (of their choosing) as their investment. What she has discovered in her coaching experience is the investment is important for commitment and follow through. They are now receiving this as a gift and so must pay the energy forward somehow. Davia will explain this to them in the deep dive. There is always the risk that they will not be committed and so will receive the portal painting to have in their space as an energetic enhancement but it won't hold the same potential as one who is ready, committed, and willing to invest in themselves.

Is this portal really magic?

Yes. Witches call is spells. Christians call it prayer. Spiritualists call it manifestation. Atheists call it the placebo effect. Scientists call it quantum physics. Davia creates a painting and calls it a portal. People may argue over its name; however, no one is denying its existence! The mind is powerful and will influence how you feel which will affect your frequency and then create your reality. The portal on its own holds power if you believe it does. Then aside from that the rest of the magic occurs in the deep dive where Davia will share with you “secrets” of manifestation and imagination to amplify your desired timeline into existence.

Dope I am ready now!

If you have further questions please email [email protected]
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