Rules of the Game

To play the #commonalitygame you must first become a player by having a shirt. To win the game you give your shirt away.

You can become a player in two ways. Buy in or be gifted in.

To buy in *order a shirt of your color choice and size. We will send you one. Congratulations, you just became a player in the game. Once you have the shirt take a picture of yourself in the shirt and share to instagram either in stories or a post telling the rest of the world you are playing the #commonalitygame. Use the hashtag #commonalitygame and @daviaking in the post/story to let her know you are playing, and to let the rest of the world know this game is happening! 

Now wear the shirt as if it were your own.  Take care of the shirt, enjoy the shirt, and put your love energy into the shirt. At this point while you are out and about wearing the shirt anyone may approach you and ask, 

"Can I have your shirt?"

At this moment you get to experience the gift of giving and give this new player your shirt. The giver just won the game! Congratulations winner! Take a photo with the receiver of the shirt and share to instagram in a post/story, using the #commonaliygame and @daviaking letting her know you just won. She will randomly pick from those who are playing and gift another shirt to (and thus enter you back into the game since she sees you know how to play).

To be **gifted in, spot someone wearing the shirt and ask them,

"Can I have your shirt?"

You have just given this current player the gift of giving as well as the chance to win.

Take a picture with the giver of the shirt and share to instagram, showing you are now a player. Make sure to use #commonalitygame and let @daviaking know you are now playing in your post/story. This is how the game will spread through your sharing on social media.

Give the shirt away when asked. "Can I have your shirt?" This is the magic password.

Once you have given your shirt away, you just won the game. If you want to play again go ahead! There will be many winners to the game. But Davia will win over and over again as she will be the biggest giver.

Buy in creates two new players in the game. To be gifted in only one. It is better to buy in to help the game flourish across humanity.

For each buy in Davia gives away another shirt. By buying into the game you end up giving the gift of giving twice. Once for the shirt you receive and give off your own back (when that special day comes) and also you just allowed Davia (game creator) to gift another shirt off her own back.

**If you are gifted in you can keep the shirt for 24 hours before you gift it away. Make sure to wear it in order to both feel the love already put into it and add your own. This is more than a game, it is a social experiment. The intention is create waves of love rippling out across humanity in the form of a shirt.